Fat Girl Roller Derby - Demo


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This is the demo version of Fat Girl Roller derby. I love this song. It's recorded using a baritone guitar for all parts and a shitty drum machine. This song might be offensive to Derby people. To those of you that ARE offended by it you have two choices: (1) fuck off and/or (2) fuck off AND die. The song is about a dude that is into derby girls and specifically derby girls that are BIG and lets face it there are a LOT of those aren't there?


I wanna be surrounded by girls that can hurt me
Mama take me down the the fat girl roller derby
Fish nets and shit tattoos
Short skirts and white thighs covered in bruises

A girl with a helmet and a big fat ass
Varicose veins and elbow pads
I got it hard just to watch her crash
I a pile of flesh going way too fast

She goin' round and round
She's pound for pound alright!
She's a pretty little pig that got too damn big
But now shes a star tonight, fat girl...

Roll fat girl roll!!

She goin round and round the ring I wanna be her derby king.. I'll take her by her bingo wing and roll...


released February 9, 2012



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